Know Kubwa; Her Holiest Of Holies

Kubwa as a true melting pot of tribe from Nigeria, has high religious tolerance among the residents.

The highest holy place in Kubwa, is Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (Mount Jehorah) on your right hand-side, along Kubwa Express, between NNPC Junction and Phase 3 Junction, if you are driving from Zuba to Gwarimpa. Politically, this location is AMAC, as Kubwa Express, divides Bwari Area Council and Abuja Municipal Area Council.

•Mount Jehorah

This Church is the highest by its location on the rock; a true house built on the rock. From its summit, you will have a bird view of Kubwa.
According to a prophet we met during our visit, the Church was originally a prayer ground, where people of different denominations, came to seek the face of God.
One of the supplicants, whom God answered his prayers, fulfilled his vow to God and built the Church.
Climbing the Church, is not for the faint hearted but spiritual burden can give you wings to ascend any mountain in search of miracles. There is a depression on the rock, and the prophet who took us round, said it was the footprint of an angel that landed on the rock.

Opposite the first entrance into Kubwa, is Papal Ground.
St. John Paul ii parish, is conspicuously domiciled there but those with deep understanding of Kubwa, say that Papal Ground was given to Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) by the Abacha regime in 1998, to host the Pope.
But like Tower of Babel, there was no agreement in CAN and after Pope’s visit, Papal Ground was divided into two. The Pentecostal arm of CAN, took the Dutse end of the Papal Ground while the Catholic Church, established a parish St. John Paul ii parish, on the remaining part.

Another prominent place of worship in Kubwa, is Deeper Life Church. It is located at Bakori Road by Sultan Dasuki road, PW, Kubwa. Deeper Life is one of the oldest churches to be established in PW and this age-long stay, made her location, a bus stop-Deeper Life Junction, before PW bridge. There is no Okada rider that does not know it.

Another popular religion centre in Kubwa, is Phase iv Central and Kubwa Village Mosques. Kubwa Village Mosque, is at Gado Nasko road-Market Road Junction. It is one of the earliest call to prayer centers in Kubwa. Phase iv Central Mosque, is relatively new and is located between Black & White Traffic light Junction and Phase iv bridge. Apart from providing succor to Islamic faithfuls, its perimeter is a choice market for those who want to buy ram during Sallah and chicken at Christmas season.

Also close to Phase iv Central Mosque, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, popularly known as Mormon. You cannot miss them with the white and black dressing of their pioneers.
Along Kubwa market, stands a gigantic Catholic edifice, called St. Luke’s Catholic Church. The parish was created in 1998. It provides Mass and spiritual assistances to Catholic devotees within Kubwa village. Another Catholic worship centre, is Christ The King (CKC), Catholic Church opposite Berger camp on Gado Nasko Road. In line with Catholic doctrines, it provides the required number of Masses daily.

•CKC opposite Berger Camp.

The neighbor to CKC, St. Andrews, is the head quarters of the Anglican Diocese of Kubwa. There is a confusion among observers, if this is truly the head quarters, as the Bishop’s Court is at St. Bartholomew Cathedral, opposite Yellow Page.

•St. Barth’s Opposite Yellow Page.

There is a mega presence of Mountain of Fire Prayer Ministry at Federal Housing-Owner Occupier end of Kubwa. It is easily accessible from Kubwa First Gate.

•Redeem Church, Phase 3, Kubwa.

Another intimidating place of worship, is the Redeemed Christian Church of God (New Life Assembly) at Phase 3 , Kubwa, overlooking the Islamic Sallah Prayer ground. It is the Provincial Headquarters of Abuja Province 2.

Apart from these established churches, Kubwa has its fair share of upcoming churches.  They are mostly littered on Arab road. The most outstanding churches on Arab road, are Dunamis and Glass Church. Glass Church, is just a stone throw from Liberty Hotel.

Apart from these Pentecostal churches springing up on Arab road, there are churches without their own structures but rent hotel and night club halls for their services and mid-week programs. Some established ones, trying to open a new branch, also make use of this hotel-nightclub make shift place of worship. It is common knowledge that most established churches that moved to their permanent sites, started from renting hotel and nightclub halls.

At Chikakwere end of Arab road, opposite Dantata estate gate, is an Eckankar (the Light and Sound) temple. Chants of Hu melodiously come alive when they gather.

EK Temple.

Traditional Gwagi native worshippers, still carry out their supplications to Gwari gods daily. Because of stigmatization, most of these devotees, practice their religion privately but the periodic appearances of calabash, clay pots, containing offerings to the gods at Liberty Junction, Kubwa ii, testify that African traditional religion is still alive and practiced in Kubwa.


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