TGIF; Kubwa Set To Rumble

After a successful, stressful week, Kubwa is set to rumble with activities to Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)
Every labourer is entitled to rest, relax and recreate as hard as he toiled during the week.
All the relaxation centres in Kubwa, have rolled out drums, put drinks on ice to guarantee you mortuary standard drinks and hot eye watering pepper soup, roasted and barbecued fish.

There will be no dull moment this evening in Kubwa. All the clubs are guaranteed to give you maximum entertainment, with rave of the moment music. Karaoke bars are also open to tickle your singing talent.

For your mortuary cold standard drinks, South-east quality palm wine, local delicacies,  well grilled and spicy fish, visit NINA hotel, phase iv, Kubwa;
If you are interested in trade of the flesh, visit, Woman Boku or Soul Lounge.
The crowning of this weekend’s rumble in Kubwa, is a pool party at Soul Lounge.

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