Uncovered Manholes, Kubwa Residents Cry For Help.

The residents of Kubwa, have cried out to the FCT Administration and Buhari Area Council, to cover the gaping manholes littered around Kubwa Express way. They said that people have sustained injuries after falling into these open manholes.
Some of these open manholes, are found around Papal ground interconnecting bridge into Kubwa, between Federal Housing entrance and Phase iv Junction.
According to an FCDA staff we spoke to, the issue of open, uncovered manhole, is not a peculiar Kubwa problem but all parts of Abuja, are affected. He said that the manholes are open because residents vandalize and steal the covers. He urged residents to be vigilant and report any person they see pilfering the covers.
As a precautionary measures, he said that FCDA, has resorted to using concrete to cast a cover for these manholes.

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