Know Kubwa; Woman Boku

Woman Boku, is one of the most popular areas in Kubwa. It is that area covering from Arsenal Guest Inn Junction, through Dogondaji Street to Katampe juction.
It got its name, Woman Boku(women plenty), because in deed, during the days when Kubwa was a virgin, women of different sizes, different worldly experiences and ages came here to hustle.
When Kubwa was in infancy, long before lounges and strippers clubs became fixed features of Kubwa, Woman Boku, was the choice destination for lonely men, adventurous teenagers in search of comfort from night nurses and to cut their teeth in the comfort of willing laps at a price. It was also the Columbia of Kubwa. Drugs of varying potencies were easily gotten at Woman Boku.
But with the arrival of lounges, strippers clubs in Kubwa, the quantity of women in women Boku dwindled.
Another reason that shrunk this glorified Sodom & Gomorrah, was the aggressive demolition policy by el-Rufai. Most shanties around Kubwa village, were demolished and the women took their trades to other suburbs.
The increasing expansion of commercial activities around Kubwa village market, also added pressure to the owners of shanty hotels that survived el-Rufai, to convert them to shops.
Hotels like FF-22, is now a full shopping mall.
Of the ancient landmarks of Woman Boku, it is  Leisure Palace Hotel, Sasbet Guest Inn, Gelynca Guest Inn and De White Guest Inn, that are still standing, providing ear-piercing loud high-life music, with the scenery like something from Cyprian Ekwensi’s novel; smell of tobacco, alcohol and sweat, with over bleached sisters winking, wriggling their disproportionate backside, exposing gravity defeated breasts, in a bid to lure a customer to one of the slaughter slabs in the face-me-I face you chalets, quirky bed with bedsheet that had served more than 20 customers.
Worn-out night nurses still ply their trade at discounted rates per drop.
Woman Boku, still comes alive at night, illuminated like Joseph’s coat of many colors, sisters hanging around, greeting you, “good evening sir”, with a seductive smile that can melt Zuma rock.
Nurses at Woman Boku, still maintain the Kubwa virgin era services, offering short comfort to men with different menu options; short time, TDB, entry without condom, sex without romance and sex with or without removing clothes.



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