Streets Of Kubwa (i)

Kubwa is the commercial nerve centre of Bwari Area Council and it has good paved interconnecting streets.

The longest street in Kubwa, is Gado Nasko Road. It divides Kubwa into two unequal parts. Gado Nasko stretches from Kubwa first gate(Federal Housing entrance) to Kubwa second gate(NNPC Junction)

It is named after Lieutenant General Muhammad Gado Nasko, who was FCT Minister from 1989-1993. Before his appointment as FCT Minister, he was the Governor of Sokoto state from 1978-1979.

Most of the plazas located in Kubwa, are found on this road. Gado Nasoko road, is also home to all the Commercial Banks in Kubwa except Aso Savings.

From this road, you can access inner Kubwa. There are about 10 traffic lights on this road, located at major junctions. They are;
Veteran Plaza Junction, Infinix Mart Junction, Phase 3/Pyrate Junction, Black & White Junction, Nadram Junction, PW/Total Junction, Aso Savings Junction, Kubwa Market Junction, Yellow Page Junction and Zenith Bank Junction.

During early morning hours, there are usually heavy traffic build up at these junctions partly because most of the traffic lights are not working or constantly blinking yellow.
Another reason for the build up, is impatience by parent-drivers, who are in a hurry to do school runs.

The traffic built up between Veteran and Soul lounge during early morning, is caused by the presence of St Andrews Anglican Church and CKC Catholic Church and the schools in parish .
At the NNPC end, the traffic build up, spans from Miliki/Yellow page Junction to the express and is caused by the traders who display their wares close to the road thereby narrowing it. The reckless parking of Keke, Okada and Taxi at NNPC Junction, also contribute to the traffic build up both in the morning and in the evening.



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