LIRAD Petitions Bwari Area Council Chairman, gives two weeks ultimatum

Lex Initiative For Rights Advocacy And Development (LIRAD), has petitioned the Bwari Area Council Chairman, demanding record of all funds paid to external solicitors. According to the petition signed by LIRAD Executive Director and copied the FCT Minister, Area Service Commission, House Committee on Area Council and Ancillary Matters and House Committee on Public Petition, LIRAD accused the Bwari Area Council Chairman of neglecting the cases filed against Bwari Area Council in the past 6 years.

According to the ED, when these cases are called up, there are no legal representation for Buhari Area Council. He further alleged that “Junior officers head positions over their seniors to enable kickbacks and unprofessional dealings.” The Area Council is also accused of paying millions to external solicitors who do not conduct the cases assigned to them.


Against this backdrop, LIRAD demands that the Area Council furnish her within two weeks,  with Record of all funds paid external solicitors, Records of all concluded cases by external solicitors or the Council will be sued.


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